A mother sits on a blanket, holding her child in her lap while a male family member interacts with the infant. Another woman is sitting with the mother and looks on as the child smiles at the man and grabs his finger.
Photo Credit: Allan Gichigi/MCSP

Breastfeeding has one of the highest returns on investment of any development activity, yielding $35 in economic gains for every $1 spent on breastfeeding interventions. Despite the proven cognitive, economic, and health benefits of breastfeeding though, worldwide only 44% of children under 6-months old are exclusively breastfed. Through our work, USAID Advancing Nutrition highlights the critical role breastfeeding plays in early childhood development, health and food systems, and nutrition in humanitarian contexts.

What’s New for World Breastfeeding Week 2021

This World Breastfeeding Week, USAID Advancing Nutrition continues to protect and promote breastfeeding across communities and health systems around the world. Join us:

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