A group of people sitting in a circle are sorting through dried beans.
Photo Credit: Herve Irankunda/CNFA/USAID Feed the Future

On September 23rd, during the U.N. General Assembly High-level week, people from all over the world gathered for the first ever U.N. Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) to take action and work together to transform the way the world produces, consumes, and thinks about food. In the 18 months leading up to the UNFSS, more than 1,000 dialogues took place across 145 countries in which local and national leaders put forth ideas for building more inclusive and sustainable food systems. The conference was a culmination of these collective efforts, bringing together global leaders that spoke to key priorities, commitments, and support for transforming food systems. See the conference website for more information.

In anticipation of the UNFSS, USAID partnered with USAID Advancing Nutrition and Eidolon Films to produce a video highlighting USAID’s commitment to food fortification efforts. The one-minute animation reinforces the importance of addressing barriers to healthy diets, especially during times of crisis. Fundamental to USAID’s commitment to large-scale food fortification is the goal of ensuring that families can access essential nutrients to protect the health of future generations. Watch, like, and share the video to show your support for food fortification during the UNFSS and beyond.

Learn more about USAID Advancing Nutrition’s work related to food systems: