A Peace Corps Volunteer buys vegetables at a local market.
Photo Credit: Peace Corps

Food is the essence of life, but the impact of malnutrition is estimated to cost the global economy $3.5 trillion USD each year, and accounts for 45% of all deaths for children under 5 years of age. World Food Day is a time for solidarity around advancing food security, especially as COVID-19 continues to disrupt food and health systems around the world. With a focus on Food Systems, USAID Advancing Nutrition is working to sustain improved diet quality and reduce hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. 

This World Food Day, learn more about USAID Advancing Nutrition’s work on food systems:

Finally, check out USAID's Medium blog Ending Hunger: 60 Years of Action to learn more about USAID’s work to boost nutrition in food systems, health systems, and humanitarian assistance.