Community members meeting together outside
Photo Credit: USAID Advancing Nutrition Niger

Since November 2020, the project is working in the Maradi and Zinder regions of Niger to reduce both the prevalence of anemia among women of reproductive age (WRA) and adolescents, and vitamin A deficiency among children under five. An official launch of the project was held on January 6, 2022 in the Zinder region. Governor Laoualy Amadou Madougou of Zinder region opened up  the launch along with the regional Director of Public Health, the National Director of Nutrition (Ministry of Public Health), and representatives of all RISE II partners in Zinder and Maradi regions.

Meeting for Niger COP and other high ranking staff
Photo Credit: USAID Advancing Nutrition Niger

USAID Advancing Nutrition is currently carrying out a number of activities to further inform national policies and operational plans as well as USAID funded partners projects implemented in Maradi and Zinder regions. More specifically,  formative research is being carried out to identify barriers and enablers to availability, access and adherence to iron and folic acid (IFA) and vitamin A supplementation and to improving dietary intake of iron and vitamin A rich foods amongst WRA, adolescents, and children under five. In addition, a supply chain assessment is being conducted to identify challenges and solutions to the availability of IFA and Vitamin A supplements at national down to community level. Government ministries, UN stakeholders and implementing partners will be engaged in designing and analyzing the learning from both the research and assessment to identify opportunities to improve supplementation and dietary intake through multi-sectoral interventions, including health, agriculture, nutrition and water and sanitation activities. Capacity of community volunteers, clinic health workers and NGO project staff will be strengthened to implement the improved actions to improve prevention and treatment of anemia and vitamin A deficiency.

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