Caregivers with children in tow participate in a psychosocial support group for people living with HIV in Kenya’s Eastern province.
Photo credit: Georgina Goodwin, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

The Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) supports countries before, during, and after humanitarian crises and in fragile contexts to establish a nutritional response that saves lives. GNC hosts an annual meeting to share, learn, and reflect on lessons from the previous year. The 2022 meeting took place virtually, over the course of two weeks. From January 24–26, 2023 attendees participated in the main meeting that focused on the three strategic objectives from the 2022–2025 GNC Strategy—People, Operational and Technical Support, and Enabling Environment: The Right People, in the Right Place, with the Right Skills. The following week, attendees participated in  side events from January 31–February 1, 2023 that were dedicated to showcasing partner experiences and learning.

Given our experience  hosting virtual webinars and other convenings, USAID Advancing Nutrition was well placed to provide logistical support to the meeting, enabling main meeting participation in multiple languages including Arabic, French, Spanish, and English. Providing support to the GNC annual meeting gave the project an opportunity to help elevate issues related to addressing the current global food and nutrition crises. Learn more about our work on nutrition in humanitarian contexts and access meeting materials on the GNC website.