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USAID Advancing Nutrition
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This reference package is a user-friendly resource to help implementers design and create tailored, age-specific programming that will support the health and development of children zero up to two years of age. In addition to the Program Design and Implementation Guide, the reference package contains four age-specific modules that provide information on how children grow and develop and what their feeding and care needs are at each age/stage. The modules also identify potential caregiver challenges and provide example activities that programs can undertake to support targeted infant and young child feeding and responsive care and early learning activities at each age/stage. The Program Design and Implementation Guide provides information on how to use the age-specific modules and provides key design principles to support the package’s effective use. Users can download the entire package (across all age groups), or they can download each individual module separately.

Full Reference Package (PDF, 8.03 MB)
Four illustrations, the first shows a baby smiling and crawling while wearing a diaper, next shows a smiling baby with a diaper, sitting and raising his right hand, then a smiling baby with a diaper, standing on his own, using a block for support on his left side, and lastly a smiling baby with a diaper, standing on his own without any support.