USAID Advancing Nutrition is working to sustain improved diet quality and reduce hunger, malnutrition and poverty. Diet quality is a key contributor to nutrition and health outcomes throughout the world, with suboptimal diets responsible for more than 10 million deaths per year. To improve diet quality, we partner with governments, communities, and the private sector to improve the supply of and demand for safe and nutritious foods. We also work with researchers and implementers to build evidence on how food systems can contribute to improved diets and nutrition, particularly for vulnerable populations.

Recognizing that most people around the world purchase the food they eat, our goal is to help individuals and communities consume diverse diets with safe and more nutritious foods.

Our work:

  • Measures components of the food environment for diet quality
  • Engages the private sector and policy makers to strengthen food systems for nutrition
  • Strengthens governments’ capacity for effective programming 
  • Aligns stakeholders’ visions around food systems
  • Translates evidence into recommended actions