Icon of a hand holding a bowl of hot steaming food.

Measurable improvements in nutrition require significant changes in the use of nutrition-specific services and in the underlying causes that lead to malnutrition. In households and communities, nutrition is rooted in human behavior—diets, caring and feeding practices, livelihoods, health and hygiene practices, and more; this means any work to improve nutrition must take a behavior-centered approach.

And because behaviors take place within complex food, nutrition, and health systems with government, civil society, and private sector engagement, our work is based on solid evidence, country realities, and sound behavior change principles at both the global and country levels.

In this work, we are—

  • collaborating with other nutrition actors
  • providing technical assistance to USAID and its partners
  • adhering to clear priorities and approaches that can be adapted at the country level in both development and humanitarian contexts.