Photo Credit: Maxime Fossat/USAID Advancing Nutrition

Achieving quality nutrition counseling can be challenging due to long-standing barriers, including overburdened workforces, insufficient training, and inadequate materials. USAID Advancing Nutrition has developed several tools to help address some of these common barriers, seeking to overcome skills gaps among service providers, simplify workflows, and make counseling information more easily accessible. These resources include tools that aim to—

  • Prioritize behaviors and address common challenges during counseling based on the child’s and caregiver’s needs. [Forthcoming]
  • Integrate responsive care and early learning with nutrition counseling.
  • Provide structured mentorship to strengthen provider capacity to deliver quality counseling. [Forthcoming]
  • Provide digital tools to aid counselors in their assessments and targeted counseling.
  • Support counseling children with feeding difficulties and disabilities.
  • Share guidance and resources to encourage more acknowledgement, support, and measurement of caregiver resources that are likely relevant to providing optimal feeding and nurturing care for young children.
  • Share resources and approaches (including counseling tools) to support families to feed children well during illness and recovery.