Photo of parents feeding their infant
Photo Credit: Sokchanlida Horn

Malnutrition contributes to nearly half of child deaths. Because behaviors are central to the immediate and underlying causes of malnutrition, social and behavior change play an important role in sustaining improved nutrition outcomes. USAID Advancing Nutrition works across technical focus areas with individuals, families, communities, businesses, policymakers, and others to put incentives, services, and infrastructure in place to make optimal multi-sectoral nutrition behaviors and supportive norms second nature. We also foster environments that enable better nutrition norms and behaviors. To catalyze change we focus on five priority areas.

Our work:

  • Strengthens the skills and knowledge of nutrition actors across sectors  to help them apply effective SBC approaches
  • Advances systematic design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation processes for high-quality SBC
  • Shifts social norms to achieve sustained change for better nutrition
  • Improves the collection and timely use of behavioral data in multi-sectoral nutrition programs
  • Promotes gender-equitable norms and behaviors across our work.
Supporting mothers, families, and communities to breastfeed for a healthier planet.
Good nutrition during the first 1,000 days, from pregnancy until a child’s second birthday, is crucial for optimal child health and long-term development. As COVID-19 shuts down countries and…