USAID Advancing Nutrition draws together global nutrition experience to design, implement, and evaluate programs that address the root causes of malnutrition. Working across and through varied sectors, we provide technical support to and implementation of nutrition interventions for USAID and its partners to address the root causes of malnutrition. We also provide technical assistance to USAID to support the implementation of the Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy 2014-2025 in the many countries where USAID works.

Our Focus Areas


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A group of children sit near piles of stacked wooden boards. They are all holding and eating mangos

Responding to Social Norms that Influence Food Choices

Food Systems Nutrition and Health Systems Social and Behavior Change and Gender

Nutrition programs should focus on addressing social norms due to the influence they can have on people’s diets.

Couple bargaining with a Fish Seller

Understanding Key Dimensions of Food Environments

Food Systems Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Enhancing our ability to monitor and evaluate market food environments in low-and-middle income countries to improve diets.

Women processing green beans

Food Processing for Improved Diet Quality

Food Systems

Harnessing the power of food processing to increase the availability of safe, nutritious foods throughout the year

Three women organize different plants at a market.

Measuring Consumer Demand for Healthy Diets

Food Systems

Designing and testing indicators to improve programming aimed at increasing consumer demand for healthy foods

Two men shaking hands at a store

Partnering for Improved Nutrition

Food Systems Knowledge Management Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Lessons and recommendations from the Feed the Future Nutrition Innovation Lab’s 10 years in partnering for improved nutrition

Link to download image of a family helping to feed two infants

Creating Country-Specific Food Lists to Measure Healthy Diets and Advance Nutrition

Food Systems Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Collaborating to facilitate collecting reliable, comparable information on diet quality across country contexts