USAID Advancing Nutrition draws together global nutrition experience to design, implement, and evaluate programs that address the root causes of malnutrition. Working across and through varied sectors, we provide technical support to and implementation of nutrition interventions for USAID and its partners to address the root causes of malnutrition. We also provide technical assistance to USAID to support the implementation of the Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy 2014-2025 in the many countries where USAID works.

Our Focus Areas


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Older woman demonstrating breasfeeding with a doll, while three younger women look on at the University

Strengthening Breastfeeding Counseling Through Mentorship in Kenya

Capacity Strengthening Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Nutrition and Health Systems Social and Behavior Change and Gender

Developing and testing a breastfeeding counseling mentorship program in Kenya.

Woman breastfeeding child while nurse is supervising

Building Political Will and Accountability for the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Nutrition and Health Systems

Conducting case studies on implementing Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative national responsibilities in Malawi and the Kyrgyz Republic.

Group of people standing around a table and planning together

Supporting the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Donor Network

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Building Global Consensus

Supporting the SUN Donor Network to strengthen donor resource tracking by monitoring the application of the OECD nutrition policy marker.

Mother feeding her small infant

Strengthening Program Evaluations for Social and Behavior Change Activities Used to Improve Nutrition Outcomes

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Social and Behavior Change and Gender

Quality social and behavior change (SBC) evaluations are needed to improve nutrition program design and nutrition outcomes.

Man has been paid cash for his cows at a market and showing off those earnings

Understanding and Identifying Innovative Mechanisms to Finance Food Systems and Improve Diets

Food Systems Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Verifying the Nutritious Food Financing Facility presents a viable mechanism for agri-food enterprises in LMICs to increase their access to financing and nutritious foods.

Women checking food at the market

Using Household Consumption and Expenditure Survey Data to Better Understand Food Consumption and Micronutrient Intake

Diet Quality Measurement Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Micronutrient Measurement

Eating a healthy diet helps to protect health and prevent noncommunicable diseases like diabetes and heart disease.