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Black outlines of graphics from the IYCF Image Bank on a blue ombre background.
Images from the IYCF Image Bank

High-quality images are an essential component of social and behavior change (SBC). Illustrations can be particularly impactful in places where literacy rates and access to media is low. For infant and young child feeding (IYCF), images can present complicated breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices quickly and succinctly. Nutrition SBC materials use images to model behaviors that in turn, motivate individuals, families, or communities to try and ultimately adopt new behaviors. The IYCF Image Bank, a collaboration between UNICEF and USAID Advancing Nutrition, was designed to make high-quality illustrations available for nutrition programs to use and adapt in their IYCF programming. This updated Image Bank follows the original version hosted by UNICEF and USAID’s SPRING project.

The latest version of the IYCF Image Bank aims to expand its repertoire of IYCF images to include content on topics closely related to IYCF, including responsive feeding and responsive care, and overweight and obesity. It continues to grow in content as programs and projects share their developed illustrations related to IYCF. Examples of new content include images from Rwanda, Nepal, and generic adaptations showing COVID-19 distancing and safety protocols.

This webinar highlighted key features of the IYCF Image Bank and explored how images from the Bank can be adapted to fit various cultural contexts.

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Grainne Moloney, MSc, Senior Advisor, Early Childhood Nutrition, UNICEF Programme Division

Aashima Garg, PhD, Nutrition Specialist, UNICEF Programme Division

Andrew Cunningham, MPH, SBC Specialist, USAID Advancing Nutrition

Catherine Kirk, MPH, ECD Adviser, USAID Advancing Nutrition

Peggy Koniz-Booher, MPS, Senior Nutrition and SBC Adviser, USAID Advancing Nutrition

Fatmata Fatima Sesay, MSc, MPH, Nutrition Specialist, UNICEF Programme Division