Kyrgyz Republic

USAID Advancing Nutrition, or USAIDдин "Мыкты Азыктануу" долбоору, has worked in the Kyrgyz Republic since October 2019, with a focus on Batken Oblast. We work to improve the nutritional status of women of reproductive age and children under 5 in the Kyrgyz Republic, with a focus on the 1,000-day Window of Opportunity. Read more ›


USAID Advancing Nutrition, or USAID Promovendo a Nutrição, has worked in Mozambique since August 2019. Collaborating with USAID’s nutrition bilateral project, Transform Nutrition, we work to improve the nutrition of pregnant and lactating women, adolescent girls, and children under 2 years of age. Read more ›

Map of Tanzania


USAID Advancing Nutrition started working in Tanzania in November 2019. The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania has taken a multi-sectoral approach to address malnutrition, committing to high-level initiatives at the global and national levels. Read more ›