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Photo Credit: IPM Innovation Lab (for USAID)

Building country capacity to deliver multi-sectoral nutrition programming is one of our key strategies for sustainability and success. To deliver on this promise, we design quality capacity strengthening programs to fit the needs of our global and country-based partners, making investments in people that last beyond our immediate programming and promote resilience.

Our work:

  • Strengthens technical and organizational capacity of local partners to better design, implement, and measure multi-sectoral nutrition programs through the New Partnerships Initiative (NPI) and other country-based initiatives.
  • Increases the impact of meetings and workshops through skilled design, strategic facilitation, and effective measurement.
  • Centers around evidence-based approaches to curriculum design, mentoring and TA provision, organizational capacity development, and performance improvement.


Woman with her child in Senegal

Strengthening Programming with Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplements

Partner survey and interviews yielded recommendations for program design and capacity strengthening support.

Mothers holding their babies together

Technical Assistance to BHA and RFSA Implementing Partners

Providing technical support to improve programmatic outcomes

USAID Advancing Nutrition has New Partnerships Initiative (NPI) funding available from USAID’s Global Health Bureau to award grants to local organizations that are working to improve nutrition in…
USAID Advancing Nutrition invites organizations in Kenya to apply for funding under the New Partnerships Initiative.
USAID Advancing Nutrition has funding available through USAID’s New Partnerships Initiative (NPI).