workshop participants learning about pest management in plants
Photo Credit: IPM Innovation Lab (for USAID)

Building country capacity to deliver multi-sectoral nutrition programming is one of our key strategies for sustainability and success. To deliver on this promise, we design quality capacity strengthening programs to fit the needs of our global and country-based partners, making investments in people that last beyond our immediate programming and promote resilience.

Our Work

  • Strengthens technical and organizational capacity of local partners to better design, implement, and measure multi-sectoral nutrition programs through the New Partnerships Initiative and other country-based initiatives
  • Increases the impact of meetings and workshops through skilled design, strategic facilitation, and effective measurement
  • Centers around evidence-based approaches to curriculum design, mentoring and technical assistance provision, organizational capacity development, and performance improvement.


Browse a selection of 15 activities from this Focus Area technical team.

Photo of a group of health workers sitting around a conference table and learning about new forms of inpatient treatments

Strengthening Health Worker Capacity to Provide Inpatient Treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition in Nigeria

USAID Advancing Nutrition collaborates with the Federal Ministry of Health to train health workers on the treatment of acute malnutrition.

Photo of a group of people sitting around a conference table

Capacity Strengthening of Nigeria’s State Committees for Food and Nutrition Improves Coordination and Implementation of Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Activities

USAID Advancing Nutrition supports the Government of Nigeria to strengthen State Committees for Food and Nutrition across the country to implement nutrition and food security programs and policies.

Trainer outside under a tree, showing a group of women an illustration of child play.

Increasing Nutrition Literacy Across Sectors at USAID

To increase USAID staff’s core knowledge of nutrition concepts, USAID and USAID Advancing Nutrition developed a course that would prepare them to respond to the increasing need to strategically…

Government of Uganda commits to institutionalizing their food fortification program at USAID Advancing Nutrition-organized strategic workshop.
At the end of February, USAID Advancing Nutrition Mozambique held a closing ceremony with different actors and partners, namely SETSAN, MISAU, SPS, DPS, SDSMAS and Transform Nutrition.
USAID Deputy Administrator and U.S. Ambassador visit USAID Advancing Nutrition’s photography exhibition on food security and nutrition at the National Historical Museum