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Photo of a woman selling vegetables at a market
Photo Credit: Fintrac Inc./USAID

USAID Advancing Nutrition is working to sustain improved diets and support the Bureau for Resilience and Food Security goals of reducing hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. Diet quality is a key contributor to nutrition and health outcomes throughout the world, with suboptimal diets responsible for more than 10 million deaths per year. To improve diets, we partner with governments, communities, and the private sector to improve the supply of and demand for diverse, safe, and nutritious foods among individuals and communities. We also work with researchers and implementers to build evidence on how food systems can contribute to improved diets and nutrition, particularly for vulnerable populations.

Our work

  • Aligns stakeholders' visions around food systems
  • Measures components of the food environment toward understanding their ability to support improved diets
  • Strengthens governments’ capacity for effective programming 
  • Engages the private sector and policy makers to strengthen food systems for nutrition
  • Translates evidence into recommended actions.


Browse a selection of 18 activities from this Focus Area technical team.

Couple bargaining with a Fish Seller

Understanding Key Dimensions of Food Environments

Enhancing our ability to monitor and evaluate market food environments in low-and-middle income countries to improve diets.

Photo of a person making a lot of pupusas on a grill top.

Improving Food Fortification in Honduras: Data in Action

USAID Advancing Nutrition conducted a study on fortified foods in Honduras and, based on the results and recommendations of the study, organized a meeting with several key stakeholders to develop an…

Preparing a field for planting

Nutrition-Sensitive Agricultural Interventions in Protracted Emergencies

USAID Advancing Nutrition worked with partners to better understand where evidence gaps exist for effective nutrition-sensitive agriculture interventions and practices in emergency response and…

USAID Advancing Nutrition Project Supports Federal Government, West African Health Organization (WAHO), and other Partners to Host the 17th ECOWAS Nutrition Forum.
USAID Advancing Nutrition supported a series of workshops in Nigeria to analyze results from the National Food Consumption and Micronutrient Survey that will guide evidence-based policy and…
Government of Uganda commits to institutionalizing their food fortification program at USAID Advancing Nutrition-organized strategic workshop.
Raising awareness of and promoting the adoption and enforcement of food safety standards requires government agencies to collaborate closely.