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Map of Nigeria

USAID Advancing Nutrition began work in Nigeria in September 2021. To improve nutrition for a healthy, productive, and resilient Nigeria, we provide technical support, implement innovative nutrition interventions, and generate evidence to enhance nutrition programming. The work will focus on five states: Kebbi, Sokoto, Ebonyi, Bauchi, and Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Our objectives are to—

  • strengthen technical assistance and strategic nutrition integration to improve links between nutrition; health; water, sanitation, and hygiene; agriculture; family planning; and gender interventions
  • support a cohesive and sustainable plan to address wasting through increased coordination and collaboration
  • generate evidence and test innovative approaches to improve nutrition programming and inform future program designs.


In September 2021, USAID Advancing Nutrition began working to support USAID Nigeria in implementing its multi-sectoral nutrition strategy by working with the Government of Nigeria and a range of non-…
USAID Advancing Nutrition Nigeria’s Pauline Adah shares her insight on implementing wasting treatment and prevention programming and perspective on what is needed to prevent wasting in Nigeria.
USAID Advancing Nutrition Project Supports Federal Government, West African Health Organization (WAHO), and other Partners to Host the 17th ECOWAS Nutrition Forum.