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Map of India

USAID Advancing Nutrition began working in India in September 2021. The purpose of the activity is to address malnutrition among socio-economically disadvantaged families in Assam State that are negatively impacted by COVID-19, and to create knowledge exchange platforms for nutrition-sensitive agriculture to address malnutrition. USAID Advancing Nutrition provides technical assistance and builds partnerships with government and private sector stakeholders to address malnutrition among 50,000 women, adolescent girls, and children using nutrition-sensitive agricultural approaches. We aim to—

  • create a network of nutrition-sensitive agriculture champions, including communities of practice
  • promote easy finance options for women, while making efforts to reduce gender gaps in accessing finance for setting up businesses
  • raise awareness about nutrition-sensitive agriculture through social media, radio/TV spots, and workshops on nutrition.


USAID Advancing Nutrition launched activities in Assam State, India, with a focus on nutrition-sensitive agriculture.
2021 was a “Year of Action” for nutrition. For USAID Advancing Nutrition, that meant expanding our work to support local ownership of multi-sectoral nutrition programs in 11 countries.
Despite a short implementation period, partnering with local government led to big nutrition improvements through a WorldFish aquaculture project in India.