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USAID Advancing Nutrition was the Agency’s flagship multi-sectoral nutrition project from 2018-2023, led by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI), and a diverse group of experienced partners. 

Our work strengthened the enabling environment for country-led scale-up of effective, integrated and sustainable multi-sectoral nutrition programs, interventions and food and health systems. Over the life of the project, we produced many resources to strengthen multi-sectoral nutrition programming. We invite you to explore and use our resources on this archived website. 

Please visit for current information on USAID’s nutrition programs.

Photo of a woman smiling and holding an egg in a garden.

Katherine Consavage/USAID

Our Partners

Reflecting our multi-sectoral approach, USAID Advancing Nutrition worked across areas of USAID investment, including: global health, nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food security, humanitarian and food assistance, and children in adversity.

The USAID Advancing Nutrition partnership comprised international development and global health organizations with deep experience tackling the complex challenges of global malnutrition. They included—

Prime Contractor