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Map of Niger

USAID Advancing Nutrition has worked in Niger since November 2020. To reduce both the prevalence of anemia among women of reproductive age and adolescents, and the vitamin A deficiency among children under 5, the project supports existing USAID nutrition investments, the Government of Niger, and United Nations partners. We provide technical assistance aimed at strengthening iron-folic acid and vitamin A treatment and prevention services within health facilities and community-level platforms in USAID’s RISE II zones of intervention. In one district in Maradi and two districts in Zinder, we are working to—

  • strengthen government capacity to increase effective coverage of iron-folic acid and vitamin A supplementation
  • strengthen implementing partner skills on social and behavior change communication related to anemia and vitamin A deficiency treatment and prevention
  • review progress and lessons learned from the initial months of implementation to inform future plans.


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Photo: a woman in a vegetable field with a child on her back

Learning from Social Norms Research in Reproductive Health

Understanding and responding to social norms is critical for achieving nutrition goals. The Passages Project legacy webinar shared a wealth of resources and lessons from implementation research on…

Woman working in a community vegetable garden with her toddler on her back.

Partnering with Nutrition Actors in Niger to Refine SBC Quality Tools and Increase Micronutrient Intake

Young children, adolescent girls, and pregnant and lactating women in rural Niger are at high risk for inadequate intake of multiple micronutrients, especially vitamin A and iron.

Three mothers holding their small children, while they are smiling outside

Establishing a Women’s Diets Learning Agenda

The project aims to generate global learning, evidence, and innovative practices on how to improve women’s diets.

Co-creation workshop in Niger convenened local partners to develop radio programs and supporting materials to reduce micronutrient deficiencies among women and children by encouraging intake of iron…
From June 13 – 17, USAID Advancing Nutrition hosted an all-country learning retreat with eight of the project’s Chiefs of Party.
The project is working in the Maradi and Zinder regions of Niger to reduce both the prevalence of anemia among women of reproductive age and adolescents, and vitamin A deficiency among children under…