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Map of Ghana

USAID Advancing Nutrition began working in Ghana in June 2020. In partnership with the Government of Ghana, we provide technical support and assessment services to improve district planning for equitable delivery of services that promote household resilience and early childhood growth and development. We aim to—

  • improve country coordination for nutrition and resilience
  • strengthen multi-sectoral collaboration to develop guidance and tools for food security and nutrition to inform the Government’s medium-term development plan
  • strengthen district-level decision-making on program planning, financing, and implementation for nutrition and resilience
  • strengthen local government to integrate multi-sectoral, evidence-based nutrition strategies in district development plans.

We also gather evidence to guide investments that USAID, the Government of Ghana, and other stakeholders make in early childhood development services for children ages 0–3 years, and we capture experiences and learning about growth monitoring and promotion approaches in Ghana.


Women’s access to financial resources plays a critical role in ensuring access to quality nutritious diets all year round. Even with an improved knowledge of good feeding practices, Ghanaian mothers…
Almost half of all deaths for children under 5 are attributable to malnutrition — this is why improving nutrition is imperative to achieving USAID’s global maternal and child survival goals.
Reducing anemia in Ghana requires strengthening the capacity of frontline health workers at the health facility and community levels on anemia prevention and management.