USAID Advancing Nutrition began working in Honduras in June 2021. In the departments of Santa Bárbara, Ocotepeque, and Copán, USAID Advancing Nutrition will establish foundational activities to increase consumption of a minimum acceptable diet, minimum dietary diversity, and animal source foods among children under 5 years of age. We will measure these indicators among a select number of children under 2 who receive services directly from decentralized health providers. These activities support the overarching goal of USAID/Honduras to create a more prosperous, democratic, and secure Honduras where citizens, especially youth, are inspired to stay and invest in their future. We aim to—

  • increase consumption of nutritious and safe diets
  • increase use of direct nutrition interventions and services
  • generate more hygienic household and community environments.
2021 was a “Year of Action” for nutrition. For USAID Advancing Nutrition, that meant expanding our work to support local ownership of multi-sectoral nutrition programs in 11 countries.