USAID Advancing Nutrition India group photo at the launch event
Photo Credit: JSI Private Limited

USAID Advancing Nutrition officially launched its activities in Assam State, India on July 1, 2022. Several key state government officials and representatives from non-government organizations, USAID’s Mission in India, the private sector, academia, research organizations, and other stakeholders attended the project launch. The event provided an opportunity for multi-sectoral nutrition stakeholders to host small group discussions to gather input from participants to inform detailed implementation planning and strengthen stakeholder buy-in. These small group discussions included topics on private sector engagement, intergovernmental coordination, and civil society collaboration, all while using the opportunity to learn from one another.

USAID Advancing Nutrition’s work in Assam State will strengthen women-led nutrition-sensitive agriculture practices and business opportunities. It will also document and disseminate best practices and lessons learned while partnering with multi-sectoral stakeholders on nutrition-sensitive agriculture activities. These activities are guided by the need to improve diets and economic opportunities, apply context-specific strategies and approaches, and facilitate knowledge exchange.

Avinash Upadhyay, Project Director of USAID Advancing Nutrition India, spoke about how the project in Assam State is about deliberate collaboration between sectors and systems such as health and agriculture/food, as well as with stakeholders, including government, private sector, and civil society. This joint effort can help maximize opportunities for women-led nutrition-sensitive practices and businesses, resulting in improved food and nutrition security at the community level.

Avinash Upadhyay, Project Director, USAID Advancing Nutrition India talking at opening of USAID Advancing Nutrition India
Photo Credit: Dr. Rousy K. Baruah/Assam State Rural Livelihoods Mission