A Ghanaian health worker is counseling a mother and her child.
Photo Credit: Kamal Deen Djabaku/JSI

By Heather Danton, USAID Advancing Nutrition Project Director

With the one year anniversary of the conflict in Ukraine, I have been reflecting on the three Cs threatening progress in mitigating hunger, food security, and undernutrition. Conflict, along with climate change and the reverberating effects of COVID-19, have created new challenges to achieving global nutrition goals. The global nutrition community is rising to meet those challenges with an unprecedented level of financial commitment to improve global nutrition—more than US $42.6 billion—pledged at the Nutrition for Growth gathering in December 2021. 

The 2022 Global Nutrition Report notes that low- and lower-middle-income countries stand out in their commitment, and we may be beginning to see the results. Kenya is one example, with under-five mortality falling from 52 percent to 41 percent. We must continue to ensure that all people have adequate nourishment and healthy diets to push the progress further, and into additional countries.