M. Mukambetov, who placed fifth place in the lullaby contest, receives a gift from USAID Advancing Nutrition in a classroom.
Issyk-Kul mobilizer M. Mukambetov, who placed fifth place in the lullaby contest, receives a gift from USAID Advancing Nutrition. Photo Credit: Maxat Mukambetov/USAID

In May 2023, USAID Advancing Nutrition Kyrgyz Republic, organized an online lullaby singing contest in collaboration with well-known local social media influencer Mirzat Mukanov. Contestants submitted videos of themselves singing and playing with their children. The contest raised awareness about the importance of engaging with children to support their early childhood development and highlighted singing as a fun and easy way for caregivers to connect with their children.

All children need attention, love, and support from caregivers to grow and develop optimally. Singing, telling stories, and playing with children are all ways to make them feel loved and safe, while also helping their brain development.

As part of the contest, Mirzat Mykanov, hosted a livestream session where he answered questions related to early childhood development—a key component of USAID Advancing Nutrition’s work in the Kyrgyz Republic. The session provided valuable insights and guidance for caregivers on how to nurture their children's growth and development during the crucial early years of life.

Forty caregivers from across the country participated in the contest. Participants showcased their love and care for their little ones by submitting heartwarming videos of themselves singing lullabies or engaging in playful activities with their babies.The videos showcased the strong connection between parents and children, and emphasized the importance of early interactions in a child's development.

Mr. Mukanov and several project staff evaluated the submissions and selected five winners based on lullaby evaluation criteria that included relevance to the topic of responsive care and early learning, creativity, and overall presentation. Winning participants received gifts from the project as a token of appreciation for their efforts in promoting early childhood development.

The contest fostered a sense of community and served as a powerful platform to highlight the significance of early childhood care. By leveraging Mirzat Mukanov’s influence and the creativity of parents and caregivers, USAID Advancing Nutrition emphasized the importance of fostering a strong and supportive environment for every child.