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USAID Advancing Nutrition
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Technical Report

The Government of Uganda (GOU) spearheaded efforts to reduce micronutrient deficiencies and demonstrated commitment by adopting industrial food fortification as one of the cost-effective interventions to reduce the disease burden in the population. In 2002, the GOU, through the Ministry of Health (MOH), established the National Working Group on Food Fortification (NWGFF), a multisectoral and multi-disciplinary committee to oversee and guide implementation of the food fortification program. The NWGFF is composed of government ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs) responsible for designing and regulating the policy environment for food fortification; private sector organizations, including the food industries that implement the regulation by fortifying foods; civil society actors who advocate for consumer access to fortified foods; members of academic institutions who guide research and innovations; and development partners that provide technical and logistical support.

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