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USAID Advancing Nutrition
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This toolkit of measures of Caregiver Resources can help program and research teams understand whether their programs successfully influence these Caregiver Resources. We can enhance the effectiveness of programs by recognizing and promoting Caregiver Resources which enable caregivers to participate in nutrition activities and adopt recommended care and feeding behaviors. Measuring Caregiver Resources is the first step toward understanding where there are gaps and how interventions can support caregivers and impact caregiving resources to improve nutrition outcomes.

This toolkit presents a set of measures of Caregiver Resources relevant to the care of young children, and in particular, nutrition outcomes. Measures for eight Caregiver Resources related to nutrition outcomes are included in this toolkit—

  • mental health
  • healthy stress levels
  • perceived physical health
  • safety and security
  • equitable gender attitudes
  • self-efficacy
  • social support
  • time sufficiency
Graphic illustrating the phases of caregiver resources at different stages.