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USAID Advancing Nutrition
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This guide presents a stepwise process for a Resilience Food Security Activity (RFSA) team to apply. It starts by undertaking a contextual analysis to ensure the RFSA team has a sound understanding of the local context and taking into consideration whether and how a program aims to improve nutrition outcomes for children aged 6–23 months and the dietary diversity of women of reproductive age, or households.

This video provides an overview of the guide to optimize diets by using local foods for improve nutrition for women and children. It provides an introduction to the resources and tools that USAID Advancing Nutrition developed to support Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance funded Resilience Food Security Activity partners and other partners implementing community-based nutrition programs.

After downloading the materials, you can return to the full guide.

Photograph depicts four ecstatic African American tribal women eating fruit in front of their thatched huts. The second woman to the left is holding her baby. (Partly shown) Tribal persons are show sitting behind the four women. (Bottom right) A child is shown drinking water in a mug.