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USAID Advancing Nutrition
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Technical Report

USAID Advancing Nutrition conducted a scoping review of social and behavior change (SBC) for nutrition in protracted emergencies to help stakeholders in the Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA). We identified a range of guidance and standards; toolkits; evidence reviews, briefs, and case studies; and project-specific documents. Project specific documents demonstrated that some implementers are using SBC methods, approaches, and platforms that are similar to nutrition SBC work in recovery or development contexts. We also discovered indications that SBC in emergency contexts has similar programming weaknesses to SBC in development contexts. For example, one monitoring plan measured inputs and outputs but did not include intermediate outcomes such as reducing barriers to priority behaviors.

Photo: a young child, standing and drinking from a cup. Two women are sitting in the background. One woman is pouring a liquid from one jug into another jug.