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Kyrgyz Republic

The purpose of this facilitator’s guide is to prepare mentor-supervisors to help health workers improve their counselling performance through the provision of ongoing mentoring. Although the focus of this particular training is infant and young child feeding (ICYF), these mentoring skills can be applied to other content areas such as counselling on maternal and adolescent nutrition and anemia; and growth monitoring and promotion, where the mothers/caregivers receive counselling on the feeding and care of their children based in part on the results of their anthropometric and feeding assessments. Mentoring is intended to be used flexibly and as needed. As health workers become more proficient in one area (e.g., IYCF counselling), the mentoring process may be used to address another task (e.g., counselling on women’s nutrition), checking periodically to see that the worker continues to retain the skills developed in IYCF counselling.

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