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Director of Social and Behavior Change

Lisa Sherburne provides technical direction for behavioral integration across the project, overseeing global and country-focused social and behavior change (SBC) strategies and activities.

Lisa has more than 20 years of experience in SBC, food security and nutrition, and social protection. Her expertise includes the application of behavioral science to behavior change strategy design and the use of social and gender transformative programming with girls and boys, women and men to increase behavior change and positive health and nutrition outcomes.

Prior to joining USAID Advancing Nutrition, she served with Save the Children as the SBC nutrition advisor for multi-sectoral nutrition programs for first-1,000 days households and for youth urban health programs. In this role, she identified and promoted participant and community-led solutions for double-duty nutrition actions. She oversaw the development of a locally made animal source food product and its market introduction through women-owned micro-enterprises, as well as a multi-sectoral, local government-led cash transfer program for the most vulnerable families.

Headshot of Lisa Sherburne