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Our First Baby: Health Education for Adolescents Who Are Pregnant Or First-Time Parents
Training Material published by Save the Children in
This Facilitator's Guide outlines nine small group sessions for pregnant adolescents and adolescents who are first-time mothers and their male partners. The sessions address such issues as the care of the mother during pregnancy, exclusive breastfeeding, sexually transmitted infections, and gender-based violence.
Documentation Research on the USAID Growth through Nutrition Activity Adolescent Nutrition SBCC Program: Outcomes and Lessons Learned
Technical Report published by USAID in
This report documents the outcomes and lessons learned from a rapid assessment of Adolescent Nutrition SBCC programming in Ethiopia to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. The findings address the training of teachers and student group facilitators/leaders, actions that teachers, facilitators, and administrators can…
Teen Talk: A Guide for Positive Living
Guideline/Guidance published by USAID in
This resource is a guide for positive living for adolescents living with HIV. The nutrition topics addressed include diet, quantity and quality of foods, junk food, and vitamins and minerals.
Prévalence et Facteurs Associés à l’Anémie Chez les Adolescentes et Adolescents Scolarisés dans la Région de l’Est au Burkina Faso (Prevalence and Factors Associated with Adolescent Anemia in the Eastern Region of Burkina Faso)
Technical Report published by HKI in
This study explores the prevalence and factors associated with anemia in adolescents in the Eastern region of Burkino Faso. The report presents a situation analysis of the issue and outlines the determinants and factors that contribute to high rates of anemia among adolescents.
A Workshop with Children at EPC Changara Sede
Presentation/Poster published by Children for Health in
This presentation is from a workshop about the PCAANS project in Mozambique. The presentation describes the PCAANS approach, the participatory methods used with children, the process, and the results.
Global Standards and Indicators for Health Promoting Schools
Indicator Guide published by WHO in
This document defines key indicators and outlines standards for health-promoting schools, which leverage the educational infrastructure in communities to improve all aspects of health, including physical, social-emotional, and psychological conditions, and positive educational attainment.
Implementation Guidance for Health Promoting Schools
Guideline/Guidance published by WHO in
This document provides guidance for the development, implementation, and monitoring of health-promoting schools at the national, regional, and local levels. Health-promoting schools aim to provide a healthy school environment that can be tailored to national and local health priorities.
Pakistan Adolescent Nutrition Strategy and Operational Plan
Policy published by UNICEF in
The Pakistan Adolescent Nutrition Strategy summarizes the state of health and nutrition among 10–19 year olds, with an emphasis on malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies. The stratgey outlines three strategic areas, the role of development partners, and monitoring and evaluation strategies.