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USAID Advancing Nutrition
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Technical Report

USAID Advancing Nutrition conducted social and behavior change (SBC) formative research in the three intervention districts of Tinsukia, Goalpara, and Barpeta in Assam to inform the project’s SBC activities. The objective of the study was to understand the factors affecting the target population, including women and adolescent girls, from adopting key nutrition-sensitive agriculture (NSA) and diet-related behaviors, as well as to receive input on preferred activities for addressing the identified factors. The research encouraged participants to reflect on historically successful methods for inspiring nutrition-related behavior change. Additionally, the research was intended to result in the prioritized behaviors for USAID Advancing Nutrition.

-USAID logo: “USAID: From the American People” -Cover photo: about ten women, some with a child, work on some kind of art/graphics project on the floor in front of them. Cover photo credit: USAID Advancing Nutrition. 2022.