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Promoting a Continuum of Care for Wasted Children: Lessons Learned from Democratic Republic of Congo Webinar

Children who experience wasting during early childhood are more likely to face long-term consequences, such as cognitive impairments and developmental delays. Since 2018, USAID Advancing Nutrition has collaborated with diverse nutrition stakeholders in the Democratic Republic of Congo to better understand and document ways to strengthen the continuum of care for the treatment and prevention of wasting in children under the age of 5.

USAID Advancing Nutrition Technical Team - Mozambique ECD Consultant

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USAID Advancing Nutrition seeks a consultant to provide technical assistance to Transform Nutrition and Alcançar in the six program districts in Nampula, Mozambique (Nacala Porto, Larde, Lalaua, Rapale, Mossuril, and Meconta Districts). This support includes routine district visits to conduct mentorship for implementing staff and government workforce at the district and community levels. This consultant will work under USAID Advancing Nutrition through November 2023, after which technical assistance will be provided through another mechanism.