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Author: USAID Advancing Nutrition
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The USAID Advancing Nutrition Anemia Task force, a group of leading experts in anemia research and programming, has developed a report that addresses the complex "ecology" of anemia. We recommend an ecological approach to understand anemia, where we can utilize our knowledge of systems biology to suggest sensitive and specific assessment methodologies and interventions to improve clinical and public health outcomes. Informed by the work of the Anemia Task Force, these five briefs explore current evidence and practice to understand and address the causes and consequences of anemia:
1) Anemia Assessment in Clinical and Public Health Settings; 2) The Big Five: Iron, Vitamin B12, Folate, Vitamin A, Zinc; 3) Anemia and Coexisting Infection and Inflammation; 4) Anemia in Pregnancy; 5) Food-Based Approaches to Address Anemia

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