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Author: USAID Advancing Nutrition
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At the population level, differences in mean hemoglobin and the distribution of hemoglobin values can result in inaccurate and unreliable estimates of anemia prevalence .

This webinar provided more information about USAID Advancing Nutrition’s HEmoglobin MEasurement (HEME) project, which has supported a laboratory-based multi-site study (Cambodia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Lebanon, Nigeria, and Tanzania) to compare Hb measurements from venous, pooled capillary and single-drop capillary blood samples on different HemoCue® Hb models (201+, 301, and 801) against a reference standard. This webinar also presented the rationale, methods, and preliminary results of the study and primary investigators shared their varied experiences in carrying out the study under controlled laboratory conditions.

Close up photo of a health professional doing an anemia blood test.

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