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Documents included in this toolkit have been identified by members of the USAID Advancing Nutrition Anemia Task Force. The Anemia Task Force members are experts in fields of study related to various aspects of anemia - biology, its assessment, interventions to reduce its burden, and the enabling environment that influences anemia policies and programs. The included resources have been selected for their utility in understanding anemia and relevant to actions that can be taken to reduce it.

This toolkit will be updated on a rolling basis – for inquiries or suggestions for resources to add, please contact

Scale Up of Maternal Nutrition Interventions Strengthens Antenatal Care in Ethiopia
Technical Report published by Alive & Thrive in
This evaluation found improved coverage of maternal nutrition topics among women in Ethiopia who attended antenatal care visits and high levels of health worker satisfaction with the intervention package. Facilities could better utilize home visits and engage husbands and other household members to support pregnant women.
Nutrition‐Specific Interventions for Preventing and Controlling Anaemia Throughout the Life Cycle: An Overview of Systematic Reviews
Systematic Review published by Cochrane Library in
This review of reviews summarizes the evidence from systematic reviews regarding the benefits or harms of nutrition‐specific interventions for preventing and controlling anaemia in anemic or non‐anemic, apparently healthy populations throughout the life cycle.
Transfusion Thresholds for Guiding Red Blood Cell Transfusion
Systematic Review published by Cochrane Library in
The aim of this review update is to compare 30‐day mortality and other clinical outcomes for participants randomized to restrictive versus liberal red blood cell transfusion thresholds for all clinical conditions.
Effect of Mass Deworming with Antihelminthics for Soil‐Transmitted Helminths During Pregnancy
Systematic Review published by Cochrane Library in
This Cochrane systematic review evaluates the effects of mass deworming with anthelminthics for soil‐transmitted helminths on maternal and pregnancy outcomes during the second or third trimester of pregnancy.
Iron Homeostasis During Anemia of Inflammation: A Prospective Study of Patients with Tuberculosis
Journal Article published by Blood in
This study evaluates the role of antituberculosis treatment to improve hemoglobin levels in adults in Tanzania with tuberculosis.
Innovative Treatments for Rare Anemias
Journal Article published by Hemasphere in
This review describes the status of innovative treatments and the ongoing trials and discuss rare anemia treatments' future directions.
Public Health Deworming Programmes for Soil‐Transmitted Helminths in Children Living in Endemic Areas
Systematic Review published by Cochrane Library in
This systematic review synthesizes the evidence pertaining to the effects of public health programs to regularly treat all children with deworming drugs on child growth, hemoglobin, cognition, school attendance, school performance, physical fitness, and mortality. Evidence from 50 trials in low-to-high-burden settings suggests substantial evidence…
Interventional Strategies for Prevention of Nutritional Anemia
Literature Review published by Nutritional Anemia in Preschool Children (Chapter 14 ) in
This book chapter discusses strategies for anemia prevention in children, including dietary approaches as well as prevention of diarrhea and helminth infection.