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USAID Advancing Nutrition
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Information, Education and Communication Materials

The Orientation Package for State Committees for Food and Nutrition (SCFNs), or SCFN Orientation Package, is a comprehensive training package meant to provide SCFNs with an overview of their mandate and roles, as well as key food and nutrition concepts. The package is meant to be used by both SCFN members and trainers working with SCFNs. For current members, the package includes a member handbook that they can use to acquaint themselves with these key topics. For trainers or organizations working with SCFNs, the package contains a facilitator’s handbook and an accompanying slide deck to use during training sessions. The resources are provided in an editable format as they require adaptation before use.

USAID Advancing Nutrition worked closely with the National Council on Nutrition, the National Committee on Food and Nutrition, and select SCFNs to develop this Orientation Package for SCFNs.

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