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USAID Advancing Nutrition
The United Republic of Tanzania: Prime Minister’s Office
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For the last two decades, Tanzania has significantly improved nutrition outcomes and made noteworthy efforts in integrating nutrition within key national development agendas. In 2016, the government of the United Republic of Tanzania (URT) launched the National Multi-sectoral Nutrition Action Plan (NMNAP) to scale up multi-sectoral nutrition actions. This progressive initiative was the first of its kind, and the nutrition community drew critical learnings from the first implementation period of 2016/2017 to 2020/21. As the Government of URT prepared for the second iteration, the NMNAP II, nutrition stakeholders reflected on lessons from the first plan, particularly resource mobilization. Large financing gaps were identified through attempts to implement key interventions in the NMNAP, and they were documented in the midterm review of NMNAP, conducted in 2019. The Government of URT acknowledged that without strategies to mobilize adequate resources to finance nutrition, the implementation of NMNAP II is likely to face the same financing challenges.

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