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Group of women sitting outside on benches with their children, listening to an instructor who is conducing a lesson.
Photo Credit: Romilla Karnati/Save the Children

Local organizations possess invaluable, context-specific knowledge and skills, resources, and networks to generate buy-in and enable collective action—as well as the motivation to serve their communities in the longer term. Supporting them to achieve their objectives and become strong partners to national and local governments is essential for improving nutrition outcomes.

To support locally led change, USAID Advancing Nutrition partners with local organizations working in nutrition and engages in diverse strategies to support organizations’ growth in both organizational and technical areas, such as our work through the New Partnerships Initiative

Literature reviews confirm the relevance of this work, but understanding how local organizations can leverage technical assistance to thrive within the nutrition context is a knowledge gap. Documenting our experiences in designing, applying, and measuring efforts to support the technical and organizational performance of these organizations will produce useful lessons, recommendations, and considerations tailored to a nutrition audience. 

The project implemented a learning agenda that draws from principles in USAID’s Local Capacity Strengthening policy and synthesizes lessons learned about providing technical assistance to a range of USAID Advancing Nutrition’s local partners.

Lastly, in this webinar, we invited local partners to share their reflections and experiences through our program.


From 2021-2023, USAID Advancing Nutrition supported the Government of Uganda in advancing the country’s food fortification program.