Photo of parents feeding their infant
Photo Credit: Sokchanlida Horn

Malnutrition contributes to nearly half of child deaths. Because behaviors are central to the immediate and underlying causes of malnutrition, social and behavior change plays an important role in sustaining improved nutrition outcomes. USAID Advancing Nutrition works across technical focus areas with individuals, families, communities, businesses, policymakers, and others to put incentives, services, and infrastructure in place to make optimal multi-sectoral nutrition behaviors and supportive norms second nature. We also foster environments that enable gender equality and better nutrition norms and behaviors. To catalyze change we focus on five priority areas.

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Ghana GMP Health Worker counseling a young mother

Strengthening Growth Monitoring and Promotion: A Core Child Health and Nutrition Service

Learning from country experiences implementing growth monitoring and promotion.

Grandmother and Grandfather in traditional Kyrgyz clothing with their four grandchildren of various ages, in a group photo.

Integrating Responsive Care and Early Learning Practices into Infant and Young Child Feeding Activities in the Kyrgyz Republic

USAID Advancing Nutrition in the Kyrgyz Republic is piloting its Responsive Care and Early Learning Addendum through facility and community platforms to better understand its feasibility.

Woman working in a community vegetable garden with her toddler on her back.

Partnering with Nutrition Actors in Niger to Refine SBC Quality Tools and Increase Micronutrient Intake

Young children, adolescent girls, and pregnant and lactating women in rural Niger are at high risk for inadequate intake of multiple micronutrients, especially vitamin A and iron.

On December 9, 2022, USAID Advancing Nutrition Kyrgyz Republic opened a new photo exhibition at the Gapar Aitiev Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek, titled “Undiscovered Potential.” The…
USAID Mission Director, Kimberly Rosen, visits village savings and loans association supported by USAID Advancing Nutrition in Ghana’s Papu community.
Nutrition SBC communication resources, innovations, and learning will feature at the SBCC Summit, including project-led events and presentations.