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A group Kyrgyz women in folk-outfits on stage and singing at the event.
Massaliev village's local folklore group "Shaiyr Apalar" in support of best child feeding practices event. Photo Credit: Salam Media in Kadamjay, Batken Oblast.

USAID Advancing Nutrition in the Kyrgyz Republic works with national influencers and hosts public events to raise awareness on nutrition topics and hygiene practices.

To promote best practices on exclusive breastfeeding and complementary feeding, the project hosted a series of concerts in March 2022 with Syimyk Beishekeev, a popular singer and composer. The concerts focused on the 1,000 days window of opportunity, exclusive breastfeeding, and complementary feeding. Both concerts offered free admission to visitors and each gathered approximately 1,000 attendees. These events were also televised on local channels (Batken TV and Jalal-Abad TV).

In celebration of Children’s Protection Day on June 1, 2022, the project also led two events, with 800 total participants, and hosted an Instagram livestream with popular blogger Nazira Aitbekova on feeding practices and planning a nutritious diet for children.

USAID Advancing Nutrition will continue to raise awareness on nutrition topics by engaging online audiences on our Facebook and YouTube channels by sharing best nutrition and hygiene practices from activists and community members, hosting SBC video spots, and organizing online contests and quizzes.


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