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USAID Advancing Nutrition draws together global nutrition experience to design, implement, and evaluate programs that address the root causes of malnutrition. Working across and through varied sectors, we provide technical support to and implementation of nutrition interventions for USAID and its partners to address the root causes of malnutrition. We also provide technical assistance to USAID to support the implementation of the Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy 2014-2025 in the many countries where USAID works.

Explore our Technical Area Spotlights featuring research and tools from USAID and USAID Advancing Nutrition that can help you adopt proven approaches to reduce malnutrition.

Our Focus Areas


Browse a selection of 12 activities from our Focus Area technical teams.

Health worker documenting small infant's weight outside with a hanging scale, while the mother holding the child.

Developing a Learning Agenda to Strengthen Counseling within Growth Monitoring and Promotion

Nutrition and Health Systems

USAID and USAID Advancing Nutrition in collaboration with UNICEF, WHO, and GFF developed a learning agenda to strengthen counseling within growth monitoring and promotion services.

Photo showing a large group of people, standing around one man, who is distributing bags of supplies.

Enhancing Local Agricultural Productivity for Food Systems Transformation in Nigeria

Food Systems Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA)

USAID Advancing Nutrition organized a series of trainings on good agricultural practices and nutrition in Bauchi, Kebbi, and Sokoto States in Nigeria.

Photo of a CHW sitting and having a chat with a woman, and showing her papers.

Understanding Counter-Referral and Support Systems to Prevent Acute Malnutrition Relapse in Nigeria

Evidence Generation Nutrition and Health Systems

USAID Advancing conducts a mapping exercise to understand the status of counter-referral provision and the availability of supportive systems to prevent acute malnutrition relapse.

Photo of a group of women sitting in a circle in traditional clothing, while going over training resources.

Driving Consumer Demand for Nutritious Foods in Nigeria

Food Systems Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Social and Behavior Change and Gender

Assessing consumers’ preferences, barriers, and motivators for consuming safe, nutritious foods to design social and behavior change activities in Nigeria.

Group of people holding PICS bags.

Capacity Building of Agriculture Extension Workers and Farmers in Aflatoxin Reduction

Capacity Strengthening Food Systems Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) Nutrition and Health Systems Technical Assistance Request

USAID Advancing Nutrition collaborated with the Government of Nigeria to conduct six one-day trainings in aflatoxin mitigation in groundnuts and other staple crops.

Photo of members of the SCFN of Sokoto state discussing the action plan at the close of the capacity assessment in Sokoto State.

Strengthening the Capacity of State Committees for Food and Nutrition to Support Enhanced Multi-Sectoral Coordination and Programming

Capacity Strengthening Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

USAID Advancing Nutrition Nigeria conducted capacity assessments to inform capacity strengthening plans for State Committees for Food and Nutrition in Bauchi, Kebbi, and Sokoto.