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USAID Advancing Nutrition draws together global nutrition experience to design, implement, and evaluate programs that address the root causes of malnutrition. Working across and through varied sectors, we provide technical support to and implementation of nutrition interventions for USAID and its partners to address the root causes of malnutrition. We also provide technical assistance to USAID to support the implementation of the Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy 2014-2025 in the many countries where USAID works.

Our Focus Areas


Browse a selection of 8 activities from our Focus Area technical teams.

Ghana GMP Health Worker counseling a young mother

Strengthening Growth Monitoring and Promotion: A Core Child Health and Nutrition Service

Early Childhood Development Nutrition and Health Systems Social and Behavior Change and Gender

Learning from country experiences implementing growth monitoring and promotion.

Two Ghanaian Health workers weighing a small child outside as the mother looks on.

Health Workers Tackle Malnutrition in Yikpabongo, Ghana

Capacity Strengthening Nutrition and Health Systems

Health workers in the Mamprugu-Moagduri District of Ghana are now equipped with the knowledge and support they need to identify and manage cases of acute malnutrition in children in their communities.

women sitting at desks in a classroom with their children

Working to Prepare Frontline Health Workers to Deliver Quality Nutrition Services

Capacity Strengthening Nutrition and Health Systems

USAID Advancing Nutrition invests in pre-service training curricula, a critical, sustainable, and scalable approach to improving the nutrition-related competencies of health workers.

community health worker provides counseling to a mother and infant

Project Year 4 Summary: Priorities and Key Accomplishments

Capacity Strengthening Early Childhood Development Food Systems Knowledge Management Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Nutrition and Health Systems

Over the past four years, USAID Advancing Nutrition has supported policies, programs, interventions, and systems to realize our vision of a world where countries, communities, and families are well nourished, resilient, and able to thrive.

Members of the National Nutrition Partners Coordination Committee (NaNuPacc) taking a group photo in front of a building.

Strengthening Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Planning, Coordination, and Financing in Northern Ghana

Capacity Strengthening Food Systems Nutrition and Health Systems

In collaboration with key stakeholders, USAID Advancing Nutrition supports multi-sectoral nutrition planning, coordination, and financing in northern Ghana.

Woman sitting in her house, holding her young infant, as a health worker does a physical check of the child.

Strengthening Health Systems in Northern Ghana for Improved Nutrition

Capacity Strengthening Nutrition and Health Systems

USAID Advancing Nutrition strengthens health workers' capacity to deliver high-quality nutrition services in northern Ghana.