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A mother is feeding milk to her son, which she is holding in her arms.
Photo Credit: Asafuzzaman Captain for ACDI/VOCA

USAID Advancing Nutrition serves as the secretariat manager for the U.S. Government Global Nutrition Coordination Plan (GNCP), an interagency effort to strengthen the impact of the many diverse nutrition investments across the U.S. Government through better communication and collaboration. In this role, USAID Advancing Nutrition supports knowledge sharing, documents the Plan’s progress, and facilitates dialogue to apply emerging evidence and best practices to USG initiatives and shape future interagency coordination efforts.

As the first iteration of the Plan wrapped up in 2021, USAID Advancing Nutrition worked with representatives from 12 U.S. government departments and agencies to develop the second iteration of the Global Nutrition Coordination Plan, which was launched in November 2021. The Plan prioritizes six nutrition topics including:

  • Women’s nutrition before and during pregnancy and lactation
  • Breastfeeding and complementary feeding
  • Prevention and management of wasting
  • Micronutrient sufficiency
  • Issues of special emphasis, including COVID-19; nutrition during middle childhood and adolescence; overweight and obesity; diet-related non-communicable diseases; environmental health; and the impact of the climate crisis
  • Nutrition-relevant policies and high-level dialogue opportunities

Additionally, to maximize the impact of its global actions supporting the six nutrition priorities, the Coordination Plan’s participating agencies and departments will focus on coordination across three broad action areas.

  • Promoting leadership and partnership
  • Supporting regional and country-led efforts
  • Generating, sharing, and applying knowledge and data 

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USAID Advancing Nutrition supports multi-sectoral nutrition coordination efforts in Burkina Faso by organizing regional nutrition councils in the country’s Center-West region.