Two women preparing greens and veggies for meals in a local market
Photo Credit: NOURISH project, Save The Children

The USAID and its partners improve the supply of healthy foods from farm to fork. Unfortunately, Healthy foods tend to be marketed and sold to high- or middle-income populations for high profit margins. Private sector actors have sophisticated techniques to promote products based on customers’ perceptions, values, and emotions. However, there’s less of an incentive to apply these techniques to promote healthy foods among low-income populations for smaller profit margins. Unhealthy foods are often cheaper for the consumer and profit margins are larger. While public sector actors have incentives to generate demand for healthy foods, many feel that these settings do not require private sector techniques. As a result, they often fall back on using education techniques to simply tell people what is healthy or good for them.

USAID Advancing Nutrition will develop a guide to help implementing partners combine private sector and social marketing techniques to generate demand for healthy diets. The guide will support nutrition program planners, managers and implementing teams whose activities aim to promote healthy diets, or specific nutrient-rich foods. This guide will help users—

  • Identify and collect the most important information about their focus audience
  • Understand the power of and create brands for healthy diets
  • Develop compelling campaign strategies
  • Measure progress and adapt for success, 

It will also include worksheets, notes sections, deliverable templates and inserts to inspire the user to be creative. We expect to share the guide by late 2022.

Project staff from around the world will attend ICN to disseminate findings from the last five years of research and implementation.
USAID Mission Director, Kimberly Rosen, visits village savings and loans association supported by USAID Advancing Nutrition in Ghana’s Papu community.
Nutrition SBC communication resources, innovations, and learning will feature at the SBCC Summit, including project-led events and presentations.