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A Tanzanian government official stands and holds up copies of the NMNAP II document, while two other onlookers stand by his right and left side.
Photo Credit: Nyamagori Kitwara/Tanzania Prime Minister’s Office
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USAID Advancing Nutrition supported the Prime Minister's Office in Tanzania to develop a resource mobilization strategy for the country’s second National Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Action Plan (NMNAP II). The first NMNAP operated from 2016 to 2021, facilitated improvements in multiple nutrition indicators, and yielded valuable implementation lessons that informed the development of the second plan. USAID Advancing Nutrition supported the development of a comprehensive resource mobilization strategy (RMS) compiling proven financing options to mobilize resources for NMNAP II, which covers the implementation period 2021 to 2026. The RMS options push for more domestic funding to finance both nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions as detailed in the NMNAP II.

This second iteration of NMNAP is more comprehensive, outlining multi-sectoral nutrition interventions across five systems: health, food, education, water and social protection. The plan also aims to address the root causes of the triple burden of malnutrition (undernutrition, overweight/obesity, and micronutrient deficiencies) across the life cycle. As opposed to the earlier plan, NMNAP II, seeks to strengthen coordination mechanisms, aims to prioritize continuous research and learning, and pushes for accountability to all stakeholders involved in the implementation of the plan.

In a USAID Advancing Nutrition webinar, presenters from Tanzania’s Prime Minister’s Office, the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre and the country’s Presidential Office of Regional Administration and Local Government reflect on lessons learned from implementation of NMNAP I, shifts between NMNAP I and NMNAP II, including the adoption of systems and lifecycle approaches, and the collaborative process through which both NMNAP II and the Resource Mobilization Strategy came together. More information on the event will be posted on the USAID Advancing Nutrition events page. Learn more about the project’s work in Tanzania.


From 2021-2023, USAID Advancing Nutrition supported the Government of Uganda in advancing the country’s food fortification program.