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USAID has developed training and capacity strengthening opportunities for its staff and partners to further strengthen nutrition programming. The resources below include materials to conduct workshops, tools develop and review curricula and guides to assess competencies across technical areas.

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Strengthening Breastfeeding Counseling Competencies: The Design of a Facility-Based Mentorship Program in Kenya
The Kenya Ministry of Health Division of Family Health, Wellness, and Nutrition; implementing partners; and USAID Advancing Nutrition co-created a breastfeeding counseling mentorship program to reinforce and build the competencies required by health workers to implement the Ten Steps at health facilities offering maternal and newborn services. Key learning is included in this brief. 
Effectively Measuring Training: Building Knowledge and Skills for Nutrition Programs
This brief provides practical information about how to assess nutrition training programs, utilizing best practices from the capacity strengthening field to create more effective and efficient programs.
M&E Online Course Repository (Resource Collection)
USAID Mission and project staff can use this repository to search for monitoring, evaluation, and learning courses that meet their specific needs.
Diet Assessment Tool
Diet Quality Questionnaire (DQ-Q)
This guide helps practitioners gather food group consumption data using a standardized, easy-to-use tool that takes five minutes to administer. Consumption data can be assessed at national and global levels.
Community Health Worker Competency List for Nutrition Social and Behavior Change
Nutrition project managers and ministries of health can use this list as a starting point for assessing, developing, and evaluating community health workers’ social and behavior change skills. Also available in French.
Tool and Guide for Reviewing the Nutrition Content of Pre-Service Training Curricula
This tool presents a comprehensive set of nutrition competencies to assist stakeholders in revising existing pre-service training curricula for nurses that can be used to review and update curricula with current, evidence-based nutrition content. 
Defining Social and Behavior Change Competencies for Multi-Sectoral Nutrition: A List for Assessing, Developing, and Evaluating Staff Skills
This tool defines important social and behavior change competencies for staff working on nutrition programs. This information can help identify skill gaps across teams, guide hiring decisions, identify areas for capacity strengthening, and track changes in performance over time to strengthen both planning and implementation. Also available in French.
Designing Effective Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Activities Workshop: Facilitator's Guide and Slides
This guide provides materials needed to facilitate nutrition-sensitive agriculture design workshops. Also available in French.