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Biofortification describes the process of improving the nutritional quality of food crops through agronomic practices, conventional plant breeding, or modern biotechnology. Compared to non-biofortified crops, biofortified crops contain higher levels of a single or multiple nutrients while largely maintaining their original chemical and physical properties. Nutrients available from biofortified crops that have been released and/or are available to farmers in different countries include:

  • iron (beans, cowpea, Irish potato, lentil, pearl millet, sorghum)
  • vitamin A (banana/plantain, cassava, maize, pumpkin, sweet potato)
  • zinc (cowpea, lentil, maize, rice, sorghum, wheat). 

However, this selection is growing as different crop-nutrient combinations are being identified and evaluated.

We found 6 resource(s)

Journey Towards Better Nutrition in Kenya with High Iron Beans
Blog published by GAIN in
This is a description of a programme to develop commercial markets through private and public partnerships for biofortified beans to address hidden hunger among consumers in Kenya.
Iron Biofortification Interventions to Improve Iron Status and Functional Outcomes
Systematic Review published by The Proceedings of the Nutrition Society in
This systematic review was conducted to evaluate the evidence of the efficacy of iron biofortification interventions on iron status and functional outcomes. Five studies from 3 randomized efficacy trials (rice, pearl millet, beans) conducted in India, the Philippines, and Rwanda were included. Findings suggest that iron biofortification is an…
Mapping the Global Reach of Biofortified Crops
Informational Infographic published by HarvestPlus in
This graphic provides an overview of countries that have adopted biofortified crops (fortified with vitamin A, iron, or zinc), ranging from bananas to wheat.
Pharmaceutical Management for Micronutrients and Anemia-Reduction Medicines
Presentation/Poster published by A2Z: The USAID Micronutrient and Child Blindness Project in
This presentation from the Manoff Group highlights supply chain considerations, from a pharmaceutical perspective, for medicines and supplements aimed at supplying micronutrients and combating anemia.
Iron Interventions for Women and Children in Low-Income Countries
Literature Review published by The Journal of Nutrition in
This review highlights how iron interventions might be positioned within four global health initiatives: making pregnancy safer, saving newborn lives, infant and young child feeding, and fortification.
Nutrient Biofortification of Food Crops
Literature Review published by Annual Review of Nutrition in
This review provides a picture of biofortification techniques, fortification compounds, and measurements of nutritional parameters.