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Anemia is a global public health problem imposing a health burden on individuals at different life stages. The causes for anemia are manifold, including but not at all limited to iron deficiency, and its treatment and prevention require a thorough understanding of its etiology.

This toolkit aims to provide relevant resources to improve the understanding of the various facets of anemia, its nature, significance, assessment, prevention and control. We provide resources pertaining to anemia causation and its assessment, present tools for strategic intervention, and needs for further investigation.

How to Use the Anemia Toolkit

The information is organized into five sections related to anemia, as listed below. Click through the sections of your interest or use the search function with filters to target your search. Each section is informed by the USAID Advancing Nutrition Anemia Task Force technical report on anemia and with content derived from the USAID-funded K4Health Anemia Toolkit.


This section contains resources that aim to improve the understanding of mechanisms underlying the development of anemia. Read more on this section ›


This section provides an overview of practical approaches to assess anemia and its key determinants, both in clinical and public health settings. Read more on this section ›


This section provides a comprehensive overview of interventions for anemia prevention and control at different life-stages. The causes of anemia are multifactorial, however, interventions can generally be summarized into three main categories: interventions that address 1) nutrients alone; 2) non-nutritional causes of anemia; and 3) both nutrients and non-nutritional causes. Read more on this section ›

Policies and Programs

This section provides insights into policies and programs dedicated to fighting the different etiologies of anemia. Read more on this section ›

Anemia Landscape

This section highlights examples for implementation of programs aimed at targeting anemia and its etiologies from different countries. Read more on this section ›

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